Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quickie (Yes, I am still trying to keep up with this blog)

So, it has been about a year since I posted here. I guess I am not very clever. My desire is to post when I have something worth reading, something somewhat thought provoking. Sorry to say I don't really have anything right now. I am quite embarrassed that it has been over a year and so I feel "shamed" into posting something. This is the best I can do for now.

I am not very impressed by comedians most of the time. A while back Clint and Jackie Bass introduced Erin and I to Mr. Gaffigan. It is a rare occasion for me to laugh so hard that it hurts my face and stomach. This guy makes it happen. If you like him, Google Jim Gaffigan and Hot Pockets. *I had to remove the previously posted Gaffigan video b/c the link no longer worked.

(Sometime soon I hope to write a bit about the honor-shame culture of the First Century Mediterranean Word and how it could help us today! We will see when it happens.)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"They Love Eachother!"

"Dad, they love eachother!" So, these are the words I heard my daughter who is about a month shy of 4 years old whisper to me while watching Disney's new WALL-E. If you have not seen the movie, she is talking about two robots who, during the entire movie, do not say more than their names (WALL-E and EVE) and the word "directive", referring to a mission EVE has been programmed to carry out. Not that I believe that Brynley is picking up on something other children her age would not catch, I just think it is interesting that she saw "love" between two cartoon robots that hardly say a word to each other. So, now that I know she can grasp some sort of concept of "love" based upon what she can observe on the big screen, I hope and pray that we can raise her up to understand and live out Biblical love. Lord help us!

I recommend the movie! Good food for thought! Grace be with you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow . . . can I even call myself a "blogger"?

Too much to say and not enough time! It has been so long I don't even know if I can be called a blogger. If anyone is reading this, hold me accountable to at least following up about El Salvador (sometime soon) and encourage me to pass on prayer requests.

The quick of it, El Salvador was a great trip. I really like Living Water International ( and would recommend them from what I know and have experienced thus far. I think it would be great to have a group of friends take a week sometime and go drill a well instead of taking a typical "vacation". Let me know if anyone is interested!

Please pray for Granton Bayless ( He is the son of some friends from church. You can read up to know more about the specifics.

I spent some time this morning getting caught up with Fred and Lindsey Broome. The sad thing is, I didn't get to talk with either of them! My thought and challenge to all . . . blogging is a double-edged sword . . . we can all keep up and know what is going on in each other's lives and never speak again. There is a delicate balance to be found. Please, give us a call, come visit (that is an open invitation to all), invite us to come visit you! I give anyone reading this the permission and challenge to hold me accountable to seeking out "real", person-to-person interaction and fellowship!

Last words . . . I really want to be reading more and I am too lazy to discipline myself and make it happen. If anyone is interested, here are some of the books I am aspiring to read. I would like suggestions and I hope to gain your insights on some of these books as I actually get into them!

Faithful to the End (Wilder, Charles, Easley) - This is the textbook from a class I enrolled in this past spring (Hebrews and General Epistles). Because of my crazy schedule, I took the easy way out and audited the class. You just don't retain things as well when you don't have to prepare for exams and write papers and so I am going back over my notes (60 Pages Typed!) and trying to read the text again so I really have a better basic understanding of Hebrews, James and such!

The Idea of a Christian College (Arthur F. Holmes) - Work related but from what I can see so far it would be interesting reading for anyone . . . especially for anyone looking to work at a Christian College and for those of us who will eventually look to send our children to college (what a thought!)

The Politics of Jesus (John Howard Yoder) - I hope to have some discussion on this after I read it!

Simply Christian (N.T. Wright) - Discussion!

The Irresistible Revolution (Shane Claiborne) - He will be coming to SBU to speak this Fall.

The Fabric of Faithfulness (Steven Garber) - Work related!

If you made it this far, thanks! Grace be with you.